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26 April 2007 @ 12:54 am
sophomore year is almost over...=)  
730a-930a 4/26 MUH2512 final
730a-930a 4/27 BSC2010 final


I remember a year ago I was standing in the crowd 
waiting for my chance to break through, my chance to live again.
Now it seems I've found some friends who finally understand what it takes
to make this dream come true, we'll be here till the end.
Shake it, break it, get off your feet,
come dance with me and don't you fake it.
Shake it, break it get off your feet,
get close to me and don't you fake it.
Shout and scream my friends, connect with me and we'll pretend
this night will never end.
Just let go you'll see together we'll do anything
this night will never end.

I'm reaching out here to show you what we've been through 
I think there's something we can share, that's completely new
or maybe I'm just insane
Take time to contemplate who you are and where you want to go.

Current Music: red jumpsuit apparatus